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Williams, Amy

Williams, Amy

8-12 Math

Information from Mrs. Williams

ZOOM Meetings

Hey Y’all,

Download the ZOOM app on your device if you need some math help.

Here is the list of times and classes:

8th math: every Wednesday at 1 p.m.        passcodes: 348220

Geometry: every Wednesday at 2 p.m.        passcode: 949866

Algebra II: every Wednesday at 3 p.m.        passcode: 074624

Algebra I: every Thursday at 2 p.m.        passcode: 895614

Pre-Calculus: every Thursday at 3 p.m.        passcode: 419633

This will be a live video call between all of us who show up.

Thank you, 

Mrs. Williams



  1. Log into

  2. Choose “student”

  3. Enter your student ID number

  4. Enter your date of birth

  5. Enter the test number that your teacher sent you (probably in Google Classroom.)

  6. Take the test. You only get one chance so make sure you finish it.


  1. Log into

  2. Sign in using your school email account.

  3. Join class by entering the code provided by your teacher.

Codes by class:

    8th Math:                 pqvzjnf

    Algebra I:                rv6f4yg

    Geometry:                4uywdwm

    Algebra II:                6cira3s

    Pre-Calculus:            jzp653f

    Computer Science:        rugpprt

    Mrs. Stocks Geometry:        vf7m34t


This is for my computer science class. We will be using

  1. Log into

  2. This will be your class for the next 8 weeks.

  3. KCHFVM is your class code, but I think you can just join by typing the entire address. You will use your school email to sign in.

Work Phone:
4325472244 ext 1017